Real Pain Relief for Real People

5 Star Review

It’s been a great pleasure having a professional chiropractor as well as the awesome service and friendly secretary, Linda. Greatest people anyone could want to meet and have great service!

- Jack 

5 Star Review

I’ve been coming here for adjustments for 20 years. My family has a history of low back degeneration. I was diagnosed after an MRI with 5 spurs, 2 ruptured discs, and a bulging disc. Doctors have told me that chiropractic would make things worse, but Dr. Rick has kept me from having to undergo surgery. My brothers laughed when I started chiropractic care and they never got adjusted and ended up having to have surgery, and still have just as much pain as before their surgery. 

Financially, the maintenance plan makes regular care here very affordable. I appreciate Dr. Rick very much. Between him and God, I’m able to keep going.

- Larry 

5 Star Review

I first came to see Dr. Rick several years ago. During my first pregnancy, I developed burning in my chest, as well as upper back pain and neck pain. The pains were very severe. I went to an M.D. who diagnosed acid reflux due to a hiatal hernia. My M.D. prescribed pills to reduce the acid in my stomach.

After my baby was born, I still had excruciating upper back, neck and chest pains. (The pills didn’t really solve the problem, they only offered temporary relief). My stomach became so upset that I couldn’t keep any food down.

At that point I decided to try chiropractic care. After 3 chiropractic adjustments, all the burning pain in my chest had completely subsided. I could actually feel the esophagus relax and open. I was able to keep food down/ I believe that Dr. Rick saved my life.

My next experience with Dr. Rick was earlier this month. I developed right-sided low back pain after lifting a desk into my SUV. After just one adjustment, I felt much, much better.

- Michelle 

5 Star Review

Dr. Scheithauer, Wow! You are amazing! I can’t believe how gently and perfectly you got my back and neck in line. I have never found a chiropractor so in tune as you, and my spine has never felt so alive since probably 6 years old!!!

Thank you for making me feel sooo good. I’m getting like 6x’s more things done in a day! Thank you so much.

- Jennifer